Royalty-Free Music Offer

Choose comfort and feel freedom due to no limitations in selecting music appropriate for your premises.

As our music is royalty free you do not have to worry about inspections by institutions such as Copyright Collective Society. Additionally, our offer includes unique and attractive songs without advertisements, as opposite to radio stations.


You can start using our services from a 2-week free test, without any obligations!

Should the decision after the test be positive, we offer:

  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Effective term of the agreement: 12 months
  • Termination: 1 month
  • Implementation of audio messages and advertisements: YES
  • Update of the music database: Every month
  • Statement on exemption of fees, among others, to Copyright Collective Society: Certificate


APR is a company, which for years has cared about the appropriate music atmosphere in shopping-service facilities throughout Poland, offering music without the involvement of Copyright Collective Society. Music is important to your clients – let us take care of their satisfaction, the results will be visible straightaway!



A P R sp. z o.o.

ul. Drozdów 4,
40-530 Katowice

T: +48 32 782 6462


You have Successfully Subscribed!


You have Successfully Subscribed!