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We encourage you to get to know our independent music free of charge to ZAiKS. Now you can without obligation to take advantage of the free 14 day test completely FREE!

Just fill out the contact form and our consultants will call you. You can also contact us by phone or email. The process of installing MediaSync is only 15 minutes and does not require any involvement from the client.

Fill in the form and order 14 day music test without any fees or obligations.

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32 782 64 62

FREE to everyone
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ALWAYS with MediaSync.


APR is a company which for years has taken care of the appropriate musical climate in shopping and service facilities throughout Poland offering music Without ZAiKS. Music is important to your customers - let us take care of their satisfaction and the results will be visible right away!


APR sp. Z oo

ul. Drozdów 4,
40-530 Katowice

T: +48 32 782 6462



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