Working at APR Media

We are looking for representatives in every corner of Poland. We provide software, training, technical support and honesty.

We are constantly recruiting recruiters / customer advisors in Silesia and throughout Poland. We will soon have a professional training course explaining all our products and services.

Position: Sales Representative

If you are looking for interesting, business-oriented work that gives you a great opportunity to grow and build a solid customer base that translates into a solid income APRIs the right partner. We offer cooperation in every dimension of time - it depends on how much you and how long you will earn.



Build a new customer base, contact them to submit offers and sign contracts, and service them.


Tel .:

32 782 64 62


APR is a company which for years has taken care of the appropriate musical climate in shopping and service facilities throughout Poland offering music Without ZAiKS. Music is important to your customers - let us take care of their satisfaction and the results will be visible right away!


APR sp. Z oo

ul. Drozdów 4,
40-530 Katowice

T: +48 32 782 6462

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