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We encourage you to contact us by email or telephone.

If you have any questions, do not wait - please fill in the contact form below or send a message to For most messages we reply to 24h!

Contact details

APR Sp. Z oo

ul. Drozdów 4,
40-530 Katowice,

KRS 0000409444
NIP 634-280-57-96
king 242820313

Bank account: PKO BP
71 1020 2313 0000 3002 0412 2180

Opening hours:
Pn- pt: 8: 00 - 16: 00
Saturday - Sunday - closed

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Office APRmedia

APR Media


APR is a company which for years has taken care of the appropriate musical climate in shopping and service facilities throughout Poland offering music Without ZAiKS. Music is important to your customers - let us take care of their satisfaction and the results will be visible right away!


APR sp. Z oo

ul. Drozdów 4,
40-530 Katowice

T: +48 32 782 6462

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