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Is independent music delivered by APRmedia free of charge to ZAiKS

Yes. If the customer in your premises plays music independent of our playlists - it is released from additional payments to ZAiKS, etc. organization.

Does the customer receive confirmation that the premises is playing music without ZAiKS?

Yes. In the case of inspection it is enough to show our agreement and a certificate. In addition, each customer receives a special information stickerWhich can be attached to the entrance door to the premises.

Do you need additional software to play music from APRmedia?

Yes. Our consultants remotely install the necessary software on Windows or Android. The whole process lasts up to 15 min and the subscriber does not incur any activation fee.

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Please send any questions to the e-mail address: biuro@aprmedia.pl or by calling 32 786 64 62 / Com: + 48 515 726 777


APR is a company which for years has taken care of the appropriate musical climate in shopping and service facilities throughout Poland offering music Without ZAiKS. Music is important to your customers - let us take care of their satisfaction and the results will be visible right away!


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