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We offer independent music free of charge to ZAIKS, STOART, SAWP, ZPAV and Aroma and Video Marketing.

APR is a Polish company which, based on the original MediaSync system, offers music free of charge, eg ZAIKS.

The scope of our activity covers the whole of Europe. We provide music to several thousand locations in the country and abroad.

We have been on the market since 2008 for years, constantly expanding our qualifications, and thus the portfolio of satisfied customers.

Independent music for business - free of charge
ZAIKS, landfill, SAWP, ZPAV.

Contact us and see how much you can save in the first month of using our service.


What we offer?

We provide quality music
Premium in a favorable monthly subscription,
No extra charge eg ZAiKS, STOART.


Where are we playing?

Our music is played in several
Thousands of locations in the country and abroad.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our portfolio.

Muzyka Free Premium

APR Media works with creators
From all over the world, making our customers
They are always fresh and unique
Premium quality music content.

Innovative solutions

All you need
to MediaSync.

Under the subscription, you receive a MediaSync application that you install on any Windows or Android device.

With this application, you can download music free of charge to ZAiKS from our server and save it on your hard drive so that the playlist can be played without constant access to the network.

Check out our music

Use the player and listen to sample songs
From our music offer.

Meet the opinions of our Clients

We have the pleasure of using the APR service from May 2015 years and can not say bad words about our cooperation. Music is like a car salon needs

Karol Szczawiński - Marketing Coordinator

We have been working with APR since March of 2013 and we are very happy with the music that our ears make. It is evident that the company strives to provide customers with the best possible service both for music and personal contact.


Izabela Wszołek - Restaurant Manager

The cooperation started in November of 2015 year and continues until today, because they turned out to be a very positive attitude to the client company. In my case, the choice was determined by the proposed price of the service and the ability to play in several places at once (different music climates). The client knows what it pays because it is possible to test the MediaSync in advance. I recommend to those who choose good music when choosing music.

mill jack
Artur Kuźma - Director of the Hotel

Our musical history with APR began in October of 2013 years. We use their music both in the Castle itself and SPA, which shows that the APR is able to meet every musical expectations of the client. We work very well and I can recommend this company to those who are looking for high quality music, good customer contact and above all to create the right atmosphere for guests.

Sławomir Madej - Director of the Hotel

The APR company we met in April 2015 year and still have the opportunity to listen to the musical repertoire that they offer us. I am very pleased with our cooperation, which obviously results in the use of their MediaSync Network applications already in more than a dozen of our points. In addition, we are able to reproduce our promotional messages everywhere, which is a big asset for grocery stores. In a word - I recommend

Rados³aw Sieradzki - Head of Control Department

Brands in our portfolio

Selected clients who already trusted us:

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We offer you the opportunity to test our independent music service in full version for two weeks - FREE! Running a service on a client device takes only 15 minutes and is fully implemented by our consultants.


APR is a company which for years has taken care of the appropriate musical climate in shopping and service facilities throughout Poland offering music Without ZAiKS. Music is important to your customers - let us take care of their satisfaction and the results will be visible right away!


APR sp. Z oo

ul. Drozdów 4,
40-530 Katowice

T: +48 32 782 6462

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